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Newly added 24 June, 2024:  New Section - Research which will show submitted papers and online "Ralston" family information sites.

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Welcome to the Ralston Project website.  This site is to provide additional information and other resources not readily available on the FTDNA Ralston Surname Project page.

The Ralston Project is for people named Ralston, Rolston, Roulston, Raulston, or similar. When we use the name “Ralston” it is to be taken as inclusive of all the variations of spelling. One of our goals is to help clarify Ralston genealogy to find common ancestors and origins of today’s Ralstons. Having a Ralston male of your line do a yDNA test is the best way to help.  Other ways to help are:

  • Help advertise this project and identify potential candidates for testing
  • Provide additional family tree information for the greater Ralston family
  • Sponsor testing  or donate toward testing costs for people with limited income or for testing for the benefit of the entire project

We are specifically looking for "Ralston" men who are:

  • Irish Rollestons, Roulstons, or Rolstons with clear English descent
  • English Rollestons, Roulstons, or Rolstons
  • Scottish Ralstons with ancestors from Beith, Kilwinning, Glasgow and surrounds.
  • Irish Roulstons/Rolstons/Ralstons, etc., or descendants of such.
  • Descendants of John Roulstone, born 1653, possibly in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, died 1717 in Boston, MA.
  • Any Ralston who wishes to learn more about the origin of their paternal lineage. has the best yDNA database and by joining the Ralston Project there you will be able to connect with other Ralstons and be part of solving the puzzle of the origins of the greater Ralston family. This puzzle is especially challenging regarding Ralstons of Irish (Ulster) descent. The more Ralstons that we can add to the project, the more likely we will eventually be able to reach a solution. (Please note that the administrators of the Ralston Project are all unpaid volunteers who are not connected with the company.)

For more information please visit the Ralston Project and feel free to contact any of the site administrators.  (Or see contact Information on this site.)

Once on the Project site, click the JOIN button (or click this link) to see the new FTDNA lowered prices for Y-DNA testing.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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