Free Test Kit

The Ralston Project has a limited number of Y-37 DNA test kits that can be provided to those who cannot afford the expense.  To qualify a person must meet the following criteria:

  • A male whose paternal line traces back unbroken to a “Ralston” or variant (or have reason to believe the line traces back to a “Ralston”), and
  • Is of a unique Ralston line (i.e., not a known relative of an existing project member. Check Results, Family Groups.)

To apply please email Ed Ralston (edralston722 at and include the following information:

  1.  Name of the person to be tested.
  2.  Name of the person who will be the account manager (if different than #1).
  3.  Email address of person in charge of the account (manager or person tested).
  4.  Mailing address of the person to be tested.
  5.  Phone contact number of manager.
  6.  “Ralston” lineage (i.e., father’s name and birth year, grandfather’s name and birth year, etc., to as far back as is confirmed), of the person to be tested. Also include birth locations, if known.
  7.  Date of birth and birth location of person to be tested (optional).