Family Groups

Based on y-DNA results and generally accepted genealogical records, the following ancestors of our project members within each group are related to the other ancestors in the group, i.e., share a common ancestor.  Please note that the information provided is not an endorsement, nor a disclaimer, of the genealogical record, but is merely to identify the given ancestor.

Group 1: I-M223 Ulster (I-BY194140)
Paternal Ancestor Name Birth Death
William Roulston/Rolstone  c1708? possibly Boston, MA 1767 Augusta (Rockingham), VA
Robert Ralston 1725 possibly Scotland 1789 Anderson, SC
David Ralston 1741 NIR (Poss Tyrone) 1831 Davidson, TN
James Roulston 1746 Donegal, IE 1852 Donegal, IE
James Rolleston c1750 Tyrone, NIR Tyrone, NIR
John? Ralston 1751 Unknown c1802 Tyrone, NIR
Joseph Ralston, Sr. 1760 NIR (Poss. Antrim) 1834 Parke, IN
Joseph David Ralston 1760 IE 1812 Lancaster, PA
James Rolston 1761 Unknown 1847 Fermanagh, NIR
Samuel Roulston 1765 Donegal, IE 1825 Donegal, IE
William Ralston 1779 IE 1850 Washington, PA
Robert Roulston 1786 Donegal, IE 1860 Hants, Nova Scotia
William Ralston 1787 IE 1872 Piqua, OH
James Roulstone 1792 Castlederg, Tyrone, NIR 1858 Waldo, ME
Basil E. Ralston Sr 1805 KY (Poss Greenup) 1895 Pike, IL
Joseph Ralston 1808 IE 1857 Scotland
David Roulston 1813 Donegal, IE 1906 Donegal, IE
William S Ralston 1815 Belfast, Antrim, NIR 1890 Grant City, IA
Henry McCalvin Rolston 1822 Muskingum, OH 1908 Hardin, OH
Group 2: R-M269 Paisley (R-BY15421)
Paternal Ancestor Name Birth Death
Gavin Ralston 1655 Paisley, Renfrewshire c1720 Paisley, Renfrewshire
Gavin Ralston 1678 Campbelltown, Argyll 1733
Peter Ralston 1708 Argyll, Scotland 1795 Argyll, Scotland
John Ralston c1749 Scotland 1837 Paisley, Renfrewshire
John A. Ralston 1760 Argyll, Scotland 1823 Beaver, PA
John Ralston 1778 Paisley, Renfrewshire
Group 3: R-M269 Armagh
Ken Rolston's Armagh Paper
Paternal Ancestor Name Birth Death
Robert Ralston 1757 Armagh, NIR 1841 Armagh, NIR
Robert P Ralston 1780 Ireland 1862 Morrow, OH
Samuel Ralston 1781 IE 1835 Lancaster, PA
David Rollston 1785 Armagh, NIR 1877 Armagh, NIR
Group 4: R-M269 Scotland Ralton (R-FTA49702)
Paternal Ancestor Name Birth Death
William Ralton 1722 East Dunbartonshire, Scotland unknown
Thomas Raltoun c1589 Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland
James Rolston c1794 IE 1866 Armagh, NIR
Robert Downey Ralston 1782 Paisley, Renfrewshire unknown