The following phylogenetic trees* are based on SAPP trees from © J. DAVID VANCE

Group 1 Tree (Ulster I-M223>>BY194140)

Group 2 Tree (Paisley R-M269>>R-BY15421)

Group 3 Tree (Armagh R-M269>>R-FT365926)

Group 4 Tree (Scotland Ralton R-M269>>R-FTA49702)


These four groups are the only ones with enough members for SAPP trees to be produced.

Projected dates are presented as "circa" and actually represent a range of time.  These dates may have been adjusted from the dates shown on the produced SAPP tree to reflect logical placement on the tree in accordance with haplogroup and known genealogical dates.

* Names of members who have not elected to allow Group Administrators to publish their pseudonymized DNA results and ancestor information in the public results pages are shown as "Private".