Family Groups

There are three distinct family groups among the members of the Ralston Project.  Two of these family groups are of the major Haplogroup R-M269, so share distant common ancestor.  The other group is major Haplogroup i-M223.

Family Group 1 - R-M269

Members of this group have not done SNP testing to further refine their haplogroup.  These members are predicted as Haplogroup R-269.  The location of their MRCA (most recent common ancestor) is unknown, but is possibly Scotland.  Members are:

Kit Number Last Name Earliest Known Ancestor Haplogroup
613605 Ralston Samuel Ralston b. 1781 and d. 1835 R-M269
750855 Pencil* Samuel Ralston b-1781 and d-1837 R-M269
853848 Ralston Samuel Ralston, b. 1781 and d. 1837 R-M269
873600 Ralston John Ralston, b. 1751 and d. 1802 R-M269
802808 Ralston Robert Ralston, 1780 - 1863 R-M269


Family Group 2 - R-BY15421

Three members of this group have done Big-Y testing which shows their haplogroup branched into subclade R-BY15421 and have a MRCA that would appear to have lived in the Scotland.  Members are:

Kit Number Last Name Earliest Known Ancestor Haplogroup
380316 Ralston John Ralstoun d.c.1506 R-BY15421
874798 Ralston R-M269
261127 Ralston John Ralston, b 1749 di. 1837 R-BY15421
534344 Ralston John A. Ralston b1760 Argyll D.1823 PA USA R-BY15421


Family Group 3 - I-BY61820

One member of this group has done Big-Y testing to show the I-BY61820 subclade.  Another member has a Big-Y test in the works.  Since all members of this group show as related by STR comparison, all members would also be I-BY61820, which has a common ancestor a few thousand years ago.  FDNA now has a specific SNP test available to confirm -BY61820, for those interested (one confirmation has been completed.)  Members of this group appear to have a close MRCA.  The location of this ancestor is unknown.  Those of the group who can trace their ancestry with no uncertainty trace back to Ulster.  Members of this group are:

Kit Number Last Name Earliest Known Ancestor Haplogroup
821573 Ralston William Ralston b. 1779 IR - d.1850 PA, USA I-M223
752799 Ralston David Ralston I-M223
298544 Ralston Miles L Ralston, b. 1884 and d. 1927 I-M223
206275 Ralston Mr. John Roulston I, b. 1623 and d. 1687 I-L623
868852 Ralston I-M223
505075 Roulston James Roulston d. 1852 I-BY61820
859409 Ralston I-BY61820
82024 Southard* Texas I-L623
320496 Ralston Henry McCalvin Rolston. b 1822, OH; d. 1908, OH I-M223
783383 Ralston David Ralston b. 1741 d. 1831 I-L623


*Adoption in his lineage.